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Allister Rudder

Chief Of Staff

With a background of over 23 years combined in Telecommunications and Automated Logistics,  Allister always had an interest in Real Estate.

He began his career in a real estate during the Pandemic, investing in Single Family Homes in Tennessee. He then shifted his interest to Multifamily and Commercial properties at the end of 2021 and never looked back.  Allister has a passion for building relationships and looking for ways to improve processes.

 Allister is a father of 2 beautiful girls. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends. As former DJ, he also enjoys listening to all types of music.

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Dr. Sakira Jackson

Managing Partner

Dr. Sakira Jackson who began her real estate career in residential development in the late 2000's just before the market took a turn. Since that time, Dr. Jackson has been involved in deals totaling more than $500M. Key in expediting mergers/acquisitions, meeting 100% of ROI targets. In 2021, she added general partner to her long list of goals. She spends her days working with investors and limited partners identifying commercial investments.
Dr Sakira Wife, mother and grandmother as well as business psychologist and management consultant is a highly motivated and experienced real estate investor, with a proven track record of success in the industry. With 15 years of experience in real estate construction, residential development and lending and deep understanding of the financial landscape.
This knowledge, combined with her innovative approach to real estate investing makes Dr. Sakira a valuable asset to both buyers and sellers in the market. As the founder, managing partner and chief investor in OffMarket Listing Services, Dr. Sakira created and manages an on-line system of more than 100B in real estate across the U.S. Her OLS Network, contains more than 20,000 buyers and sellers as well as several hundred wholesalers, real estate agents and brokers who buy and sell residential and commercial properties through the network daily.

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William Ellison

Managing Partner

As a Regional Real Estate Investor and agent in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Florida Bill brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in residential and commercial property. Actively investing, lending and developing allows Bill to stay in touch with the market.
Bill has a Commercial real estate license, and always enjoys meeting other real estate professionals. Having worked on and been an investor in over 20 commercial deals, Bill has demonstrated proven experience in selecting, developing and divesting of commercial properties.
Bill’s philosophy is “The Essence of Persistence” The power to shape the future is earned through persistence. No other quality is as essential to success. It is the sandpaper that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles. It is the ability to move mountains one grain of sand at a time.
Ellison also has attended the Tuck Executive Education program. Ellison enjoys Golf and walking in the park or on the beach with his wife.
EXP Commercial
License # SL3191051

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